Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Do you want to get fit,ripped and in shape. Kettlebells is the answer.

             Well done. Well done to you for making steps to find more information to improve your health. You are reading this in hopes that you can find information to help you get fit, stronger and look and feel good. This is the right place. Chances are that you may have never used a kettlebell but you have seen them on fitness shows like the biggest loser. If you have used a kettlebell you are reading this article to get some more information to help you improve using them. It is important to note that kettlebells have been around for a very long time. The benefit of this is there is a lot of knowledge out there you can get. For me as I discovered kettlebells nearly a decade ago, being an avid martial artist I researched into the masters of the past in both martial arts and strength it was then I found kettlebells and I just had to get one. I told my grandfather a strength enthusiast; in fact it was him as a child who bought me my first dumbbells. After talking to him for sometime he told me he would buy me my first kettlebell needless to say I was very excited.  I got my kettlebell home 1 pood (16kg) or (35lbs) and proceeded to start lifting the thing in any way possible. I knew from research that kettlebells work the whole body. I needed guidance that`s where Mike came in I bought a instructional DVD.  

            I think Level 1 Beginner Kettlebell Workshop DVD is a really good instructional to start off with. It outlines the basics of using kettlebells and the movements that are at the core of kettlebell usage. Having used kettlebells for some time I have progressed to bigger kettlebells. I have had awesome results to say the least representing my country in martial arts being just one example. I can say kettlebells helped me strip fat and make me much stronger and faster.  Buying a kettlebell can be daunting and costly but lifelineusa is a great place to buy one from. My first kettlebell cost $70 and I had to go pick it up. Lifeline USA kettlebells has a 1 pood (16kg) or (35lbs) for $69.99 and it ships for free. I wish I had known before my grandfather bought me mine.

         If you are looking to get fit, ripped and in shape kettlebells are the tool for the job. Kettlebells replace a lot of equipment and do not take up a lot of space. So you have made the first step how bout you take the next step. Get one and use it now!