Monday, 1 December 2014

What is it like in there?

When talking to people about health and fitness I enjoy watching the facial expressions. It is far more interesting to focus on what the body and face are saying instead of listening to the words. Sometimes words lie, even when the person doesn’t intend to. You can get so much more when you focus on the whole picture. Generally my favourite is the “Oh yeah” coupled with the raised eye brows, a very good indicator that what I have suggested is either to hard or they simply don’t care. I frequently get this reaction when talking about food, more specifically a fridge audit.

Now for those of you who have already participated in a fridge audit you already know what a great tool it can be. But to the many on the path to improved health and fitness it seems like it is unnecessary. For me the easiest way to explain it is if you were to get a home loan from the bank they will want to look at your finances before they approve it. The fridge is no different, if you are trying to get an idea of what a person is putting in their body take a look in their fridge. I was once asked by a patient “You want me to look in my fridge what’s yours look like?” Well I had a picture on my phone to show her. After looking at the picture she was quick to reply “You like rabbit food haha” she was joking and followed up with “You certainly practice what you preach”. I suppose she was right I do practice what I preach and I had proof to boot. That patient then went home and had a good look in her fridge. Now I am hoping some of you just got up and went and checked your fridge, if not please do.

So now let me tell you what is it you want and don’t want to find? It is simple. You want to find vibrant colours and plenty of variety. Just like a plate of food at meal time the majority should be vibrant vegetables, a small portion of meat and some complex carbs. Off course you would also like to find some form of yogurt or probiotic food and other dairies. Lean meats preferably grass fed or wild oily fish really as close to nature as you can get. What you don’t want to find is too many refined sugary drinks, pre-packaged meals and overly manufactured foods. The audit is simple and allows plenty of scope to choose foods that you may or may not be tolerant to.

So for those of you have mastered their exercise programs but are still struggling with weight loss or improved performance maybe the fridge audit is the way to go. And if you are feeling daring I would suggest a pantry and freezer audit as well. What is in your fridge? What cool things do you have in their? (no pun intended but it worked out well).

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